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Congratulations to President Robert Dion Who was accepted at the NALC’s Leadership Academy in Washington D.C. Go get’em Mr. President.

 Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont Has introduced Senate Bill 1853 & H.R. 3591 that would solve most of the problems concerning the USPS. To find out more click on the fact sheet below.

 To Contact your Senator & Congressman go to the Legislative action page and click on your Rep.

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Branch 212 Makes it on the NALC website Great to see we are getting recognized by the national.

POSTAL FACTS: Lawrence, MA Br. 212 Vice President Kevin Poe’s letter to the editor of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune ran Jan. 8. And a writer for Truthout.org on Jan. 9 wrote an insightful analysis of the Postal Service’s financial problems. Click here to read more in POSTAL FACTS.
• Click here for a point-by-point guide to help you spread the truth about the Postal Service and the need for immediate congressional action.
• Click here to find out how the NALC Communications Department can help you get the NALC’s message out.

  Are you Doing Your Part???

  “Well Are You?”

As a member of Branch 212 Are you doing your part to “Save America’s Postal Service”? Do you realize what we are facing and the gravity of it? Are you saying to yourself “this won’t happen to me or the Post Office”? Or do you feel that the union is trying to scare you into contributing to COLCPE stating that this is a union fund for their own benefit? Do you really believe that having Saturdays off is great? Do you believe that you can just sit back and say “just let the union worry about it that’s what I pay my dues for?

So let take a look at all this. First are you really and truly doing whatever it takes to help save the postal service? Did you attend a rally on September 27, 2011? Have you written your senators and congressman and ask them to support H.R. 1351? Have you spoken to all your friends, family, or your customers about the REAL TRUTH about the postal service finances? Do you contribute to COLCPE? If you have answered no to any of these questions then you could be doing more to save the Postal Service.

Last week President Obama recommended in his deficit reduction plan that the postal service be given the right to choose how many days to deliver mail. Are you kidding me! Again misconception of the real problem facing the postal service. The President again has been misinformed by the Postmaster General, but it would take an act of congress to change this. Could this happen Yes, this is exactly what the Postmaster General is trying to do. SO what can we do to stop this? Well for starters we can increase our contributions to COLCPE, so that the professionals that are working on our behalf can do their jobs and get more of our friends elected. I know you believe that this will never happen here or to the Postal service either six day delivery will always be here. You here it on the news each and every day from people across the country when they have lost their job and they say I never thought this would have happened here. People say to me all the time that COLCPE is nothing but a pocket change fund for the National officers of the NALC. COLCPE is how the NALC finances the necessary political and legislative lobbying to preserve and advance our issues, Letter Carriers issues that is. And nothing else Period!

So eliminating Saturday would be a great thing so you think WRONG! if in fact the postal service eliminates Saturday delivery what is stopping them from eliminating Tuesday and Wednesdays as well making this a part-time job. Can you live on that I ask you? I doubt it. SO I AM ASKING YOU AGAIN, ARE YOU DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO SAVE THE POSTAL SERVICE? It’s not to late to come around become an e-activist, donate to COLCPE, tell everyone including your customers EDUCATE PEOPLE ON A DAILY BASIS, AND EDUCATE YOURSELF AS WELL. read the Postal Record, read online, postalnews.com always has information there. there is always information here on the website as well. Join us the Officers of Branch 212 in all our efforts to save America’s Postal Service. Get involved, stay informed, give to COLCPE, remember the job you might help save MAY be your own!



July 31


Convention delegates will be decided as well as funds to be spent.